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"""Reading and writing YAML files"""

import io
import logging
import os
from typing import Any, Union

import ruamel.yaml

from .exceptions import (
from .yaml import yaml

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

# -- Writing and reading from files -------------------------------------------

[docs]def load_yml( path: str, *, mode: str = "r", improve_errors: bool = True, _yaml: ruamel.yaml.YAML = yaml, ) -> Any: """Deserializes a YAML file into an object. Uses the dantro-internal ``ruamel.yaml.YAML`` object for loading and thus supports all registered constructors. Args: path (str): The path to the YAML file that should be loaded. A ``~`` in the path will be expanded to the current user's directory. mode (str, optional): Read mode for the file at ``path`` improve_errors (bool, optional): Whether to improve error messages that come from the call to ``yaml.load``. If true, the error message is inspected and hints are appended. Returns: Any: The result of the data loading. Typically, this will be a dict, but depending on the structure of the file, it may be some other type, including ``None``. """ path = os.path.expanduser(path) log.debug("Loading YAML file... mode: %s, path:\n %s", mode, path) with open(path, mode) as yaml_file: try: return _yaml.load(yaml_file) except Exception as exc: if not improve_errors: raise # Attempt raising a new and improved error message. # Will simply re-raise if that is not the case. raise_improved_exception(exc, hints=YAML_ERROR_HINTS)
[docs]def write_yml( d: Union[dict, Any], *, path: str, mode: str = "w", _yaml: ruamel.yaml.YAML = yaml, ): """Serialize an object using YAML and store it in a file. Uses the dantro-internal ``ruamel.yaml.YAML`` object for dumping and thus supports all registered representers. Args: d (dict): The object to serialize and write to file path (str): The path to write the YAML output to. A ``~`` in the path will be expanded to the current user's directory. mode (str, optional): Write mode of the file """ path = os.path.expanduser(path) log.debug( "Dumping %s to YAML file... mode: %s, path:\n %s", type(d).__name__, mode, path, ) # Make sure the directory is present os.makedirs(os.path.dirname(path), exist_ok=True) with open(path, mode) as yaml_file: # Add the yaml '---' prefix, then dump yaml_file.write("---\n") _yaml.dump(d, stream=yaml_file) yaml_file.write("\n")
# -- Serialization ------------------------------------------------------------
[docs]def yaml_dumps( obj: Any, *, register_classes: tuple = (), _yaml: ruamel.yaml.YAML = yaml, **dump_params, ) -> str: """Serializes the given object using (by default) yayaml's YAML object. Args: obj (Any): The object to dump register_classes (tuple, optional): Additional classes to register _yaml (ruamel.yaml.YAML, optional): Which YAML object to use for dumping **dump_params: Dumping parameters, which will be used to set the attributes of the given YAML object. Returns: str: The output of serialization Raises: RepresenterError: On failure to serialize the given object """ s = io.StringIO() y = _yaml # Register classes; then apply dumping parameters via object properties for Cls in register_classes: y.register_class(Cls) for k, v in dump_params.items(): setattr(y, k, v) # Serialize try: y.dump(obj, stream=s) except Exception as err: raise RepresenterError( f"Could not serialize the given {type(obj)} object!" ) from err return s.getvalue()
[docs]def yaml_dumps_plain(*args, **kwargs): """Like :py:func:`.yaml_dumps` but will create a completely new ``ruamel.yaml.YAML`` object for dumping, thus not having any of the special constructors and representers registered. The aim of this function is to provide YAML dumping that is not dependent on any package configuration; all parameters can be passed here. In other words, this function does _not_ use the yayaml's YAML object for dumping but each time creates a new dumper with fixed settings. This reduces the chance of interference from elsewhere. Compared to the time needed for serialization in itself, the extra time needed to create the new ruamel.yaml.YAML object and register the classes is negligible. .. hint:: To use yayaml's YAML object, use :py:func:`.yaml_dumps` instead. .. note:: The new YAML object will not have _any_ additional representers available! """ return yaml_dumps(*args, **kwargs, _yaml=ruamel.yaml.YAML())