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"""Various tools"""

import re
from typing import List, Union

import numpy as np

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

[docs]def eval_simple_math_expr(s: str) -> Union[int, float]: """Evalautes simple mathematical expressions, given by strings. Supports: +, -, *, **, /, e-X, eX, inf, nan """ # Remove spaces expr_str = s.replace(" ", "") # Parse some special strings if expr_str in ["nan", "NaN"]: return float("nan") # NOTE these will cause errors if emitted file is not read by python! elif expr_str in ["np.inf", "inf", "INF"]: return np.inf elif expr_str in ["-np.inf", "-inf", "-INF"]: return -np.inf # remove everything that might cause trouble -- only allow digits, dot, +, # -, *, /, and eE to allow for writing exponentials, and parentheses expr_str = re.sub(r"[^0-9eE\-.+\*\/\(\)]", "", expr_str) # Try to eval return eval(expr_str)
[docs]def listgen( *, from_range: list = None, unique: bool = False, sort: bool = True, append: list = None, remove: list = None, ) -> List[int]: """Generates a list of integer elements. Args: from_range (list, optional): range arguments to use as the basis of the list unique (bool, optional): Whether to ascertain uniqueness of elements sort (bool, optional): Whether to sort the list before returning append (list, optional): Additional elements to append to the list remove (list, optional): Elements to remove all occurrences of Returns: List[int]: The generated list """ l = [] if from_range: l += list(range(*from_range)) if append: l += append if remove: for element_to_remove in list(set(remove)): while element_to_remove in l: l.remove(element_to_remove) if unique: l = list(set(l)) if sort: l.sort() return l